Piet Mondrian

Sophie Taeuber-Arp


Patrick Henry Bruce

On the weekend I went to view the amazing Paths To Abstraction exhibition at the Gallery of NSW for colour inspiration for our next collection.

I saw works from Monet, Matisse, Munch, Paul Klee, Picasso, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and many more artists that shaped today's view on modern art.

I was surprised to read that Abstraction was never an art movement, it didn't originate in one place, and it wasn't practiced by one cohesive group of artists. Instead it evolved gradually, as artists experimented with colour, form and materials, calling into question some of the traditional functions of art, narrative and representation.

I highly recommend this exhibition. You will be blown away by how far ahead of their time these artists were. Their work still stands out and are some of the best of modern art to this day.

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