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How can contemporary works of art fit into an architectural complex and a landscape as symbolic as Versailles?

Xavier Veilhan has risen to this challenge staging a series of installations in Louis XIV’s grand masterpiece, focusing on relationships between scales, balances and observation points. A French artist who lives and works in Paris, Xavier Veilhan past interdisciplinary works consist of photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art.

Veilhan, like Mokum’s Dauphine collection, has taken this historic landmark as his muse.
Mokum’s Dauphine collection is modern and yet still has a sense of femininity and “Frenchness” about it. It was designed to suit contemporary interiors or freshen a more traditional setting. Veilhan instead chose to contrast Versailles classical surroundings, La Mobile (Image 1) is a great example of this.

He has created thought provoking and beautiful installations that make you realise how much we have changed since the times of Louis XIV’s reign!


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When it comes to vision boards people often use them to showcase items which they are attracted to and those that inspire them. A vision board tells a lot about someone, it can illustrate their interests, the colours they’re attracted to and give a snapshot of their personality.

Image 1. The first image is of my vision board. The cylinder at the side is my original Morris & Co wallpaper given to me as a gift, I keep it in sight at all times!

Image 2. This image is of my first Mokum design, it’s the starting point for Izar, from our Modern Maroc collection. I love the colours and looking at it reminds me of the days I first started here at Mokum.

Image 3. I’m attracted to all things tomato red. I also have a love for old Vogue covers, this is where the elegant lady came from.

Image 4. Every morning I read the latest posting on the Sartorialist blog. I love fashion and he photographs fashion in a way that no one else has before. This image, taken in Paris, was placed on my vision board on a miserable winter’s day, I so longed to go to Paris and join in on their lovely summer’s day.

Image 5. I love this amazing hand painted 1920s treasure. A friend of Stephanie’s, our Design Director, found three of them at a garage sale, what a find! Somehow I gained possession of them and have all of them on my vision board.


Image 1

Acacia Stripe CAD Artwork

Acacia Stripe colour Atoll

A bold multi-coloured stripe, with a twill weave detail and faux stitch-like effect came from the idea of hand stitching (Image 1). The studio thought the hand stitched look gave the stripe a warm and less formal effect, suitable for outdoor. This design is named after the Acacia Tree, generally found in tropical to warm temperate regions, and very common in Australia.

Acacia Stripe is from our latest indoor/outdoor collection, Australian Botanicals Outdoor. The collection boasts three outdoor jacquards with a coordinating plain, woven in unique colour combinations that embody the relaxed culture and clean light of Australia.

All yarns from the Australian Botanicals Outdoor collection are:
- 100% recyclable
- Made from post industrial waste
- Produced using eco-friendly processes
- Certified Cradle-To-Cradle™


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This cute and playful geometric, Mimosa (image 4) from Australian Botanicals Outdoor, is created through the use of small, repeated, cloud-like motifs that are similar to the pompom blooms of the Mimosa Tree (image 1).


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