La Mobile

Le Gisant Youri Gagarine

Les Architects

Le Coucou

Light Machine

How can contemporary works of art fit into an architectural complex and a landscape as symbolic as Versailles?

Xavier Veilhan has risen to this challenge staging a series of installations in Louis XIV’s grand masterpiece, focusing on relationships between scales, balances and observation points. A French artist who lives and works in Paris, Xavier Veilhan past interdisciplinary works consist of photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art.

Veilhan, like Mokum’s Dauphine collection, has taken this historic landmark as his muse.
Mokum’s Dauphine collection is modern and yet still has a sense of femininity and “Frenchness” about it. It was designed to suit contemporary interiors or freshen a more traditional setting. Veilhan instead chose to contrast Versailles classical surroundings, La Mobile (Image 1) is a great example of this.

He has created thought provoking and beautiful installations that make you realise how much we have changed since the times of Louis XIV’s reign!

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