If you happen to be in Brisbane, Australia make sure you check out our new showroom.

Located in the recently developed Newstead Riverpark, the building is a heritage listed hide store that has been restored into a unique contemporary space. It is the perfect canvas to showcase our gorgeous textiles.

We would love you to pop in, you can find us at shop 1 / 33 Longland Street, Newstead QLD, Australia!


When it came to creating the colours for our Moderne collection we wanted to create a sophisticated palette indicative of the 1920s and relevant for today.

We always look into our best sellers and take every opportunity to travel overseas to keep in touch with international colour trends, in both fashion and interiors, as well as investing in colour forecasting.

We wanted Moderne to contain soft jewel and metallic tones, blues and greens mixed with silver and golds, to sit alongside an array of neutrals, which graduate from warm creams through to chocolates and ebony.

While researching colour combinations we found an amazing photo shoot in US Vogue, the shoot which celebrated 1920s fashion designer Paul Poiret. Mary Howard was the set designer and was responsible for the amazing murals that set the scene (seen in images: 1, 2 and 3). Almost every shot was used for our colour inspiration and couldn’t have come out at a more appropriate time for the studio, enjoy!