Mokum fabric Souk with a Martindale test result of 23,000 rubs
and a Wyzenbeek test result of +50,000 double rubs

Testing upholstery fabrics for their resistance to abrasion is one component of measuring their performance.

The two main tests to determine upholstery fabric abrasion resistance are the Martindale test and the Wyzenbeek test.

The Martindale test is mostly used in Europe and locally in Australia and New Zealand, whereas the Wyzenbeek test is part of US textile testing standards. Both tests have their validity.

The Martindale test method involves rubbing the fabric in a figure-8 motion, and the Wyzenbeek method involves rubbing along the warp and weft of the fabric.

The main thing to remember is that there is no correlation between the results of the two tests, therefore it is not possible to predict a Wyzenbeek test result for a fabric from an already existing Martindale test result of the same fabric.

To ascertain overall fabric performance it is also necessary to take into account the fabric’s pilling, seam slippage and colour-fastness test results.

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