This design was the very first starting point of Petit Trianon, I started of using water lilies as the main motif for I knew that they were a real delicacy in the 1700s, but after getting together with the team we decided to change the flower motif based on that it wasn't sitting well enough with our other designs, making Lily our first Wall Flower!!

Tiger Rose

Tiger Rose is one of many trials for a design that is still in the making, I have simplified it a lot since this stage, I find with my designs when ever in doubt simplify them, similar to Coco Chanel's theory about always take two items of jewelry off when you think you are finished getting ready to go out.

This design was designed for a delicate beaded quality, unfortunetly we could't find a quality suitable for this design that was for interior use making it another wall flower.


Fleur was another design for the Dauphine collection, we even had it woven a few times trying to get it right, in the end the actual fabric ended up too expensive for such a little design so we decided to let it go.


  1. Hi! I absolutely love your textiles. I'm interested in studying textile design was wondering if you have any comments on courses in Melbourne and Sydney?

  2. It's really gorgeours for wallpaper. It's an ART. Beautiful!