Image 1
Ngahuia and I while looking for inspiration for our latest collection came across lots of amazing ink patterns in our latest View textile magazine, so we tried some of our own.
Image 2

Image 3
This is a shot of Ngahuia's wet paper towel that she had squeezed ink into while it was folded.
Image 4

This is what it ended up looking like once unfolded, we found all the colours once they had dried became a lot less intense so we were fortunate to take the photos while they were still wet.

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

This is a group photo of some of our favourite ink experiments, what we really loved about this process wasn't only the instant repeat that would evolve once unfolded but the anticipation of wondering what it would look like once unfolded.


  1. Do I smell a new collection? Love image 6, just right for spring. Not quite so sure about image 4 though it looks a bit suggestive!!or is that just me.

  2. These are divine! I love that they have a strong graphic quality whilst still being so delicate and organic.