THINGS WE LOVE - Whangapoua, New Zealand

My favourite place in the world is Whangapoua, New Zealand. A beautiful beach town on the east cape of the Coromandal Peninsula in the North Island. I have been visiting Whangapoua for 16 years, it is where I got married and where my husband has spent summer holidays since he was born.

Now that I live in Sydney, Australia I have a much greater appreciation for New Zealand’s countryside. Two things resonate, how intensely green it is and how much the landscape changes before you, within such a small amount of travelling time. There is such diversity within New Zealand’s landscape, which makes it such a unique place to visit.

The photo’s above were taken on my last trip to Whangapoua - just last week!
The three images below show Whangapoua during the summertime.

By Stephanie Moffitt

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