Image by Jason Loucas, courtesy of Belle

At Mokum we often talk about taking a cultural approach to design, reflective of our Antipodean heritage. So what does that mean, what actually makes Australian and New Zealand design unique? For an Australian perspective we went straight to the top asking Belle magazine’s editor-in-chief and judge from TV show homeMADE, Neale Whitaker, a few questions about Australian Design.

What attributes make Australian design unique?
Australian design is free of convention and acknowledges the cultural diversity of our country. It respects international design but edits and adapts to create true individuality.

Who is your favourite Australian designer?
It’s difficult to focus on just one name across so many disciplines, but
Dinosaur Designs embodies everything I admire and respect about Australian design. They have longevity, creativity, individuality, business acumen and a sense of humour. There is nobody else quite like them.

Image by Daniel Guerra, courtesy of Dinosaur Designs

What is your favourite Australian building?
Predictably perhaps, it would have to be the Sydney Opera House. I can’t think of any other building in the world (with the exception perhaps of the Taj Mahal) that is such an iconic emblem of a nation. Added to which it is jaw-droppingly beautiful.

How critical is indigenous cultural in our design aesthetic?
Our indigenous culture should be understood, valued and respected, but it cannot influence everything. Design has to be a 360-degree experience.

Describe Australian design in one sentence.
It breaks the rules.

Stay tuned for the New Zealand perspective, we have asked editor of
HOME NZ, Jeremy Hansen, his view too!

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  1. Well said, Neale. Love your design eye

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