Emily Geddes of Cheesman Architects and Danielle Sturgiou of 2 C Design

Carmel Siciliano owner of Stile Interiors, Sophia Leopardi and Bettina Kroehn of Williams Burton Architects, Laura Riach of Aptos Cruz Galleries

Maddy Potter of Memake and Katrina Cosh Stile Interiors

Dianne and Alec Hurec of K+M Furniture

Viewing the Moderne collection

Carmel Fusco of Covers and Things & Virginia Tonkin of Stallard and Tonkin Interiors

Mokum's Antenesca Madonna and Kelly Watson

The Moderne collection was launched in Adelaide in a small private library called The Circulating Library at the State Library of South Australia. The atmosphere was indicative of the theme of Moderne and unlike other state releases, it was a lot more intimate. This allowed Bethany to present the collection and explain in depth the inspiration behind each design.

“Thank you so much for giving us all such a treat last night. The library was the most perfect room, only made more so by the brilliant presentation of your latest range of fabrics that look and are so fabulous. Bethany was so interesting to listen to and it’s always interesting to have a bit of background.” Wendy Wauchope from Wendy Wauchope Interior Design

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