Moderne roll shot

With Moderne being such a broad period we chose to focus on the fashion houses for our design inspiration, in particular couture designers like Coco Chanel, Madeleine Vionnet, Paul Poiret and Lanvin.

During the Moderne period women’s fashion was experiencing a revolution as women rejected the corset and embraced comfort and freedom, these designers were at the heart of this revolution and moulded those decades to what we now see as the times of experimentation and equalization between man and Woman.

Each one of the designs and their construction pictured above were directly inspired from these fashion designers, from Vionnet’s Beaded evening gowns to Poiret’s love of African art, to Lanvin's party dresses dedicated to her devoted daughter.

Our Moderne collection is launching next month, we hope you enjoy the sneak peak!!

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  1. Oh wow, they look very opulent. Can't wait to see the reall thing instead of the roll thing!