Dufy Textile Design

Inspired by Beth’s trip to Paris the studio decided to research the Art Deco design movement as a possible collection theme. We were instantly struck by the breadth of this period, which spanned from 1920s until the 1940s and is best described as an age of extremes. Art Deco affected an array of design forms; from architecture, film, fashion and the decorative arts, to photography, transport, music and dance.

Poster For the International Exposition on Decorative Arts

This multifaceted movement burst onto the world stage at the 1925 Paris Exposition. (The Exposition Internationale des Art Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes and its influence was felt internationally for decades). The terms Style Moderne and Art Deco both derive from the exposition's title and we were intrigued to learn that the term Art Deco was not widely used until the late sixties.

Costume for the Ballet Russes

Obviously we were attracted to the stunning and highly decorative fashion of this period but we also loved the influence from art of the avant-garde, particularly the cubist movement and exoticism of the famous Ballet Russes.

Sequin Jacket with Eygyptian influence
Artists and designers looked to exotic traditions and ancient cultures like Africa and Egypt, which provided a wealthy source of imagery. The archaeological discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb fuelled a romantic fascination for ancient Egyptian culture.

Our ultimate attraction to this movement was its commitment to beauty, either through intricate craftsmanship or streamlined simplicity, it always managed to maintain a modern edge!

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