I am obsessed with drawing birds at the moment, in saying that I find them a real challenge! This lamp shade took me a month to complete, painting straight on to fabric is a real challenge in its self, the fabric bleeds and absorbs all the paint leaving watermarks. Once I had painted a few coats it made it a lot easier to create more detail. Now this lamp is in my living room and I look upon it with an eye of love and painful memories.


  1. oh my god that's FANTASTIC! where do i buy one?! so so talented!

  2. beautiful! Very Smart!
    Can I ask.. What kind of paint do you use on fabric? Thanks. clea

  3. Hi Clea,
    thanks for your lovely comment, I would recommend you use just ordinary acrylic paint, there is a special fabric paint you can use which you can get from your local art shop, but if you are just painting on to a lamp or an object that want move or bend I would just stick to the acrylic.