rug being woven in Kathmandu, using traditional Tibetan style

When visiting Kathmandu, to monitor the development of our rug collection, the studio captured a short video which demonstrates the incredible skill and speed of the Tibetan weavers. Tibetan rugs are distinct from other types of hand knotted oriental rugs, in that the knot system is totally unique. Tibetan rug weavers loop weft yarns around warp threads and a metal rod and then cut the loops to create the pile. No other rug is created in such a way.

Preliminary artwork for Maddha

The elegant graphic within Maddha was inspired by the play of light from a decorative iron window.

Modern Maroc collection
Maddha Rug was inspired by the elegant silk jacquard from our
Modern Maroc collection.

Maddha rug colour Sable

The intricate detail is beautifully captured within the finely woven 150 knot silk construction of Maddha.

Maddha Plain rug colour Sand

Maddha Plain takes the background pattern from Maddha and removes the circular motifs, to create a stunning semi-plain.

RugMark label

Our rugs carry a RugMark label. RugMark is a non-profit organisation which monitors and removes child labour from the rug industry throughout South Asia. A RugMark label ensures the following:
  • No child labour was used in the manufacture
  • RugMark inspectors have visited the loom where the rug was made
  • The rug has helped pay for the education of former child labourers
  • You are helping to build a market for humanely produced goods
  • Your rug is beautiful, inside and out

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