Étoile clutch (image 1)

Étoile sketch (image 2)

Étoile CAD (image 3)

Dauphine Collection

The clutch pictured above (image 1) features our plush velvet Étoile from Mokum’s Dauphine collection. The clutches were created as limited edition gifts for our North American press kits. It’s another divine example of applying our interior fabrics to applications outside their recommended specification. The word Étoile is French for star and is also the name given to the highest ranking dancer in the Paris Opera. When designing Étoile Beth began by researching French antique lace, she then sketched a star motif (image 2) and placed it into repeat (image 3), using a CAD textile program. Étoile is a stunning velvet jacquard with a subtle sheen, which is created by a viscose pile and the motif is edged in a fine ottoman weave.

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