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At the end of my Street is a Pomegranate Tree (image 1). I have never seen pomegranates growing before, so when I saw their distinctive shape I was instantly reminded of Pomegranate, designed by Cathy Brown, for our Dauphine collection.

Pomegranate was inspired by a Paris textile archive (image 2) and French chairs seen on a visit to Versailles (image 3). Returning to the Sydney studio Cathy began the design process by sketching the fruit (image 4).

The finished design features pomegranate fruits filled with finely woven ‘fish scales’ creating a pattern on pattern effect, often seen in 18th Century fabrics. Intricate scroll work, inspired by the manicured gardens at Versailles, intertwines with rolling pattern within the ground (image 5). Further detail is created by the addition of shaped bindings that contour the edges of the larger motifs. Delicate metallic yarns, woven with natural linen add sparkle to this regal yet contemporary design (image 6).

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  1. I love every fabric in image 6! I popped in to the Brisbane showroom to have a look recently - gorgeous. Hey Beth love your shirt :-)