Follow my design process for Petit Trianon below:

I began by researching Marie Antoinette’s Versailles bedroom and the Petit Trianon, her hide away.

My initial sketch was a single floral motif, the central focus of the design. I then started work on the repeat system. Initially I had in mind an Art Nouveau mirrored repeat.

I decided to make it more flowing, resembling the repeat system of Marie’s Versailles bedroom. At this point I started to use watercolors and inks, a medium which is more free and expressive.

After finding a beautiful embroidery construction from India, I then drew over the painting with a black pen to make the design one colour.

The final step was to add a petite floral design into the ribbon, which resolved the pattern. Petit Trianon changed many times, but I find I always fall in love with the designs that challenge me most!
Petit Trianon is from Mokum's Dauphine collection, click here to download the brochure.

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