Studio98, and the entire Sydney Mokum team is obsessed with sweet treats. This works well, because I love baking, but don't really think its a good thing for me to eat an entire tray of Caramel Slice, which is my all-time favorite. I brought in a batch, and they were gone in minutes!

1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup plain flour
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
125g melted butter

2 x 400g tins of sweetened condensed milk
125g melted butter
1/3 cup golden syrup

Chocolate Topping
200g dark chocolate
2tsp vegetable oil

To make the base, mix all the ingredients together and press into the base of a 20 x 30cm tin that has been lined with baking paper. Put in a 180 degree C oven and bake for 15 minutes or until golden. While the base is in the oven, mix together the caramel ingredients in a small saucepan and stir constantly over low heat until the caramel has thickened slightly. Once the base has come out of the oven, pour over the hot caramel and put it back into the oven. Bake it for 20 minutes or until golden. Take out of the oven and let it cool.

Once it has cooled, melt the chocolate and mix it with the vegetable oil, and pour over the top. Put it in the fridge until it has set. I like to use dark chocolate for this as I think it offsets the sweetness of the caramel, but you could easily use milk chocolate. When you are ready to cut the slice into squares, remove it from the fridge and let it warm up a bit, otherwise it will crack when you cut it.

Then bring it into work and share it around so you don't eat it all yourself!

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